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Camino is a practice-oriented research institute focusing on the evaluation and scientific monitoring of projects, initiatives and programmes, practice-related research and training and consulting services.

Our areas of expertise

Social cohesion and inclusion

Social rifts – e.g. between the young and the old, the privileged and non-privileged, “locals” and immigrants – challenge us as a society and confront us with tasks that need to be tackled. It is a question of ensuring and promoting the social inclusion of all people irrespective of their social, ethnic and cultural background. We advise, support and monitor projects and programmes that promote social cohesion in urban quarters and rural areas, and support the inclusion of socially disadvantaged children, young people and adults.

Democracy and human rights

In the field of democracy and human rights, we collaborate with projects involved with the protection of minorities, for example against racist assaults and structural discrimination. In addition, our work focuses on social strategies to tackle all forms of group-focused enmity. Human rights, political participation and access to resources are topics that we also work and collaborate on internationally.

Violence prevention

Violent behaviour – especially in youths and young people – is a phenomenon that causes major concern in society. The Youth Violence Prevention Unit contributes to the further development of prevention and intervention programmes for youth violence on behalf of the Berlin State Commission Against Violence. In addition, we conduct regular evaluations of projects and programmes on the prevention of violence and youth violence. Another focus is concerned with violence and the prevention of violence in sport.

Prevention of radicalisation

Religious, political or social radicalisation processes occur in different forms. Our evaluation and scientific monitoring services are particularly aimed at practitioners who conduct radicalisation prevention projects with youths and youth people.